Wednesday, August 7, 2013

8/7 Monthly Meeting

Our month's meeting was held at the Casa Verde Commons House, with the Carry of the Month being Wendy's Double Hammock, as demonstrated by member Cora K. and her toddler daughter!  It was an awesome turn out and we hope everyone had a great time. 

Babywearers chat about the various carriers and wraps.  

Group leader Marcia S. adjusts Noel's G.'s rebozo knot while Jessa P. watches intently.  

Cora K. demonstrates the Carry of the Month.

Marcia S. examines a Tula.

Cora K. helps Sarah M. learn a back carry.
(Photo courtesy of Gretchen M.)

A baby boy rests on his mama's back as he waits for her to complete her carry.
(Photo courtesy of Gretchen M.)

Jessa P. finishes her wrap job with a Tibetan tie.
(Photo courtesy of Gretchen M.)

Cora K. nurses her toddler in a Girasol wrap.  
(Photo courtesy of Gretchen M.)

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