Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Meet Your BWI Staff!

Meet Erin Carpenter, another one of our awesome VBEs!

Name: Erin C.

Ages of kids: M, 22 months (Two in February!)
Where are you originally from?: Huntington Beach, CA
How long have you been baby wearing?: Since M was a few days old. I knew I wanted to babywear, but getting my husband on board initially was a struggle. He tried M in a Moby and loved it! It's been downhill from there - SSCs, ring slings, and finally into the world of woven wraps when she turned a year old. Now that we're approaching two, I have my first wrap conversion mei tai (WCMT) in the works and I'm eager to put it to good use!
How long have you been a Volunteer Babywearing Educator/in Training?: I made VBE status one of my 2015 goals, and by mid-January, I had it in the bag! I am a teacher in my civilian career, so sharing my love of babywearing comes naturally to me. I love seeing other caregivers discover the benefits of babywearing and the bond that comes with it. 
What's your favorite type of carrier or go-to carry?: When it comes to grocery store runs, we love our toddler Kinderpack. I was delighted to hear that my husband continued that routine of ours when I was away at military training. When it comes to woven wraps, my favorite carries are Half Jordan's Back Carry (HJBC) and Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (DRS2S).  
What BWing obstacle/challenge/goal would you like to tackle/master next?: I am looking forward to falling in love with my WCMT and becoming proficient with different ways to tie it off.
What hobbies do you enjoy when you're not babywearing?: Reading, running, dancing, traveling (well, that's done while BWing too).
What are your future goals?: To continue to pursue my love of babywearing and sweet talk my daughter into being a willing participant for as long as I possibly can!

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