Monday, June 9, 2014

June Meeting at Cheyenne Mountain Library

Our June meeting took place at Cheyenne Mountain Library this month! We had a great turnout, and Galen D. and Bailey H. showed us the Ruck back carry along with some variations. For more practice, watch the video below. 

Bailey H. demonstrates a ruck as attendees observe. 

Galen D. explains some tips that are useful to the ruck back carry. 

Because Camp MommyCon is coming to Denver June 20-22, we will have our next babywearing meeting July 1st, at East Library at 10am. See you all there! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Where we wore in May

Here is where we wore in May, BWI Colorado Springs!

Erin C. wears her sweet sleepy baby while at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

Katie K. rocks her ringsling while at a friend's gender reveal party!

Lauren B. wears her son in a woven wrap while at Territory Days with her family. 
Jessa Z. wears her toddler in a Tula while on a walk. 
Nicole R. and her family enjoy the sunshine at Territory Days. 

Ky holds his tiger baby close in a ringsling! 

Nicole R. wears her sleeping son while having a garage sale. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Where We Wore in April

Hey BWI Colorado Springs! Here is where we wore in April! 

Katie K. wears her daughter in a Double Hammock using a Girasol Harvest at the CO Paint Mines!

Isabel T. uses a Kinderpack Standard while visiting an aquarium in Dallas, TX with her son. 

Stella K. snuggles her daughter in a Didymos Acqua Pfau wrap. 

Sarah L. and her son stroll around Denver with their family. 

Nicole R. gardens with her son on her back. 

Nicole R. and her kiddos walk down Main Street while in Arizona. 

May Cloth Diaper Market Meeting

We were so glad to see everyone at this month's Cloth Diaper Market meeting. Thanks to those of you that could make it! We are doing our best to get things organized and have a topic for each meeting. Galen D. showed us a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). This carry is a great for anyone that might be new to woven wraps. It's also fabulous for nursing and front cuddling a sleepy baby. 

Galen D. teaches the group how to do a FWCC. 

If this carry is new to you, check out this video! 

Here are some action pics of members who attended this month's Cloth Diaper Market meeting:

Natalie C. and Gabrielle H. talk about carries they like. 

Natalie C. and Angel D. visit during the meeting.

Gabrielle H. has her sleepy baby in a back carry. 

Sarah L. and Katie K. chat about wraps they enjoy using.