Monday, April 28, 2014

Ring sling VS. Rebozo

Babywearing gives incredible opportunity for versatility. Depending on your child's size, duration of time you'll be wearing them, and your own personal preferences for what's comfortable, there is always a carrier that can meet your multitude of needs. Some options begin to look awfully similar, so it's a great idea to look more closely to find what really will work best for us!

So, let's compare the Ring Sling alongside it's traditional Mexican Rebozo counterpart. But first, here is a video from Galen D. to help ourselves become better acquainted. 

A Ring Sling is a long piece of  fabric with two rings (typically nylon or metal) sewn to one end. The fabric is threaded through the rings and makes a pouch for the baby to sit comfortably with a deep seat. Because the fabric can be pulled through the rings, it's easy to adjust for any sized wearer. These are wonderful carriers for newborns and infants. They're also great for quick "ups" with toddlers, but can get more uncomfortable depending on toddler size. Because Ring slings offer a one-shoulder carry, there is not as much support for longer periods of wearing time. 

Megan B. wears her one month old newborn son in a ring sling. 

Many people find the rings easy to adjust. Any slack in either the top or bottom rails can be pulled through the rings to make things more snug and comfortable for you and your baby. Ring slings are best for front or hip carries, but do not offer much variety aside from those. 

A Rebozo is a long piece of fabric that can be tied into a slipknot. Check out this video if you'd like to see how it's done.

 This carry looks a lot like a ring sling, but the slipknot sits where the rings would otherwise be. Similarly to the ring sling, it's great for quick trips because it sits on one shoulder. Short woven wraps are often used with this carry (Size 1-3) and can also be used in various other front, hip and back carries. To offer even more versatility, a separate pair of sling rings can be used to make a no-sew ring sling! 

Sarah L. wears her infant son in a Rebozo.

The slipknot can be a bit daunting for anyone who is unfamiliar with how to attempt it. Once a slipknot is accomplished, it does take two hands to adjust, as Galen mentioned. It takes some practice, but it's great in a pinch if you have a shorty wrap or DIY babywearing safe fabric to work with! 

Both carries are great for nursing, as well. If you like to nurse discreetly, any extra tail can be brought over the top of the carrier to give a bit of covering. 

The rest is up to personal preference. If you'd like to try either a ring sling or a rebozo out, come to our next BWI Colorado Springs meeting and check out our lending library. With a BWI Membership you can take a carrier home for a month and see what works best for you! Happy Babywearing. :)

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