Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Lending Library

We have a more updated post on the Lending Library, including  the terms for borrowing as well as an updated list of carriers.  Click here.

The Lending Library check out process has been revamped!  Carriers can be checked out at meetings or if you make a special arrangement with one of our leaders (Marcia S. or Jillian D.).  It will be $5 to check out a carrier for the whole month.  If you are late returning a carrier, it will be an additional $5 a week for every week it is returned late.  The money is slated to go toward raising funds to add more carriers to our library.  

To check out a carrier, you must present a check as collateral or refundable PayPal to one of the leaders.  The check will be given back (or the Paypal refunded) when the carrier is returned within three months; if it has been more than three months, you forfeit your deposit.  We will be keeping check of who has what carrier via a Google Doc.

Carriers that we currently have include an Ergo Sport, a Boba 3G, a Boba (stretchy) wrap, a BabyHawk mei tai, a Didymos Nino 4 woven wrap, a Hoppediz 6 woven wrap, an Easycare 6 woven wrap, an osnaburg 6 wrap, a linen ring sling, linen wraps sizes 3, 4 and 5, a DIY cotton mei tai and various pouches.  

October Meeting

Our monthly meeting will be taking place the 2nd of October, starting at 10:30 at the Casa Verde Common House.  The Carry of the Month is the Rebozo, so bring along a size 2 or 3 wrap if you have one! 

In other news, Kristen M. has decided to step down as a leader due to other responsibilities, but we thank her for her commitment and time spent helping our group grow into what it is now.

If you have yet to join us on Facebook, please do!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/4 Monthly Meeting

The Carry of the Month this week was the Half-Jordan's Back Carry as demonstrated by Galen Duffy.  Those who missed the meeting or need a refresher can check out this awesome YouTube video made by Galen herself:

Our discussion this month was on exploring how to fundraise or come up with money in order to buy more carriers for our lending library!  One possibility is to charge a ca little big of money to rent a carrier.  We're still brainstorming, so anyone who has some creative ideas should post them on our facebook!

Here are a few photos from the meeting:  
Stella K. follows along as Galen teaches the Carry of the Month.
She is using a Didymos Aqua Pfau wrap.

Amanda B. also practices the Carry of the Month with a Girasol Micah's Rainbow.

Galen D. spots Sarah M. as she learns to Double Hammock in a KoKaDi Elephant wrap.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Where We Wore in August

Nicole R. watches the hot air balloons at the Colorado Balloon Classic with her son peacefully sleeping in a Maya sling. (Photo by her husband Kris)

Dorinda B. and her little one (in a Beco Gemini) enjoy the view of Mount St. Helens.

Isabel T. walks along the beach at Cape Cod with her son in a Didymos Petrol Hemp Indio.

Mindy N. hikes the Manitou Incline with her 18-month-old in a Boba 3G.

Christie T. explores the zoo with her daughter Ava in a Boba Air.
Nicole R. nurses on a hike through Fountain Creek Nature Center.
(Photo by her daughter)