Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lending Library Revamped -- Again

This is a copy of the document on our Facebook (written by group leader Jillian D.), outlining our new Lending Library policies and the current carriers we have!

Thanks to many generous members and vendors, our library has grown quite a bit in the last few months. To protect the carriers in the library, continue to grow our library and make lending fair for everyone, we have decided to update our lending policy. Our new policy is as follows:

  • Any member may have one carrier checked out at a time.
  • The lending time is one month.
  • Name, address, phone number... will be entered into a spreadsheet to keep track of who has which carrier.
  • Contact information, donation and deposit must be given before any carrier can be borrowed.
  • A nonrefundable $5 donation must be made each time a carrier is borrowed. This donation will go directly into the group to help purchase more carriers or to cover costs for the group (ex. meeting venue rental...).
  • There will be a $5/week late fee charge for carriers not returned on time.
  • It is the responsibility of the person borrowing the carrier to return the carrier to a leader in a timely fashion by bringing it to a meeting, playdate or a leader’s home.
  • A refundable payment* for the value of the carrier must also be made. This can be done via PayPal or a check. For the PayPal option, funds must be gifted to a leader and then will be gifted back upon return of the carrier. For the check option, a check made out to a leader will be held (not cashed) and then returned upon return of the carrier. *Payment is refundable if the carrier is returned in good condition.
  • In the case of a damaged or lost carrier, the refundable deposit will no longer be refunded. The deposit will then be used to replace that carrier for the library.
  • If a carrier is not returned in 90 days, the deposit will then be used to replace the carrier.
  • Please spot clean carrier upon return; if more than spot cleaning is required, contact a leader for specific directions.
  • Carriers can be tried on for no charge at meetings or play dates. The fees apply only if you would like to take a carrier home with you.
  • To borrow from the library, you must acknowledge that you have read this policy by commenting "read" on [the document on Facebook].

Here is a list of the carriers and their value:


Didymos Nino 4m $100
Easy Care Stripes 4.7m $145
DIY Osnaburg 4.9m $35
DIY Dyed Linen 4.2m $60
DIY Dyed Linen 3.74m $50
DIY Dyed Linen 2.58m $50
Hoppediz Mainland 4.7m $115
Didymos Peacock eye 3.6m $140
Boba Stretchy Wrap Chocolate $38.00
Boba Stretchy Wrap Orange $38.00

Ring Slings-

DIY Dyed Linen 75" $40
DIY Dinosaur 90” $30
DIY Orange 76” $50

Mei Tais-

Babyhawk Tan $99
DIY Print $40
Catbird Whitney $89
Earthy Bliss Heavenly Breeze Ring Waist $219

Soft Structured Carriers (Buckle Carriers)-

Ergo Sport $115
Boba 3G $160
Beco Soleil $130
Beco Soleil Infant Insert $40.00
Lillebaby Complete $135
Ergo Original $130.00
Moby Go $79.00


Seven Slings 24" $40.00
Seven Slings 26" $40.00
Munchkin 26.5" $35.00
DIY Floral $20.00
DIY Muslin $20.00
DIY Beatles $20.00

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