Thursday, January 23, 2014

February Meeting

Join us in February at the Cheyenne Mountain Library, on Tuesday, February 4th. This meeting is from 10:00am-12:00pm and everyone is welcome to attend. This meeting will be great if you'd like a basic run down of babywearing, different types of carriers and how to best use them. Bring your kids, carriers, and questions. Look forward to seeing you all there!

January Meeting at Cloth Diaper Market

Our most recent meeting at Cloth Diaper Market in Colorado Springs was a hit! Lots of a mamas came by the open house to learn from one another, ask questions and have a great time with the little ones. The lending library was open for everyone to try different sizes of woven wraps or see how they might like a certain soft structured carrier. Thanks to all the ladies that made this Saturday meeting a success! Look for future Saturday meetings in case you're unable to make weekday meetings. 

Amanda J. wears her daughter in a Robbin's Hip Carry.

Sarah M. and her son are comfy in a woven wrap converted into a Mei Tai.

Katie K. tries a wrap from the lending library . 

Jenni S. wears her sleepy daughter in a back carry.

Dannielle H. chats with other moms while her son plays on her back. 

Dannielle H. helps another momma perfect her back carry.

The babies at the meeting had a great time together!

Nicole R. holds her comfy baby boy in a ring sling.

Some of the meeting attendees chatting about their favorite carriers. 

A sleepy baby as content as can be wrapped up on his mom!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Meeting

Thank you to all the ladies that joined us for our January meeting at the East Library. The kiddos got to play, moms got time to visit, and we practiced Robin's Hip Carry. See the video below if you'd like a second look or if you weren't able to make the meeting. The group will be having more frequent meetings throughout the month and at different locations around the area. If you weren't able to make this meeting at East Library, join us at the next meeting!

Group members ready their wraps to try Robin's Hip Carry.

Jenni S. wears her sweet sleepy newborn in a hip carry.

Stella K. and Natalie C. look on as group leader, Jillian, demonstrates a carry.

Molly R. and Amanda J. practice the carry of the month. 

Group leader, Jillian D., assists Xina P. with her hip carry.

One of our littlest members babywearing. :)

Erica N. tries out a mei tai from the lending library.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Where we wore in December

Isabel T. and her little one in a Kinderpack while at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. 

Nicole R. spends time with her boys on a shopping trip. 

Nicole R. wears her son in a soft structured carrier while doing a photo shoot.

Dorinda B. hikes with her family at Garden of the Gods using her Beco Gemini. 

Jennifer P. enjoys the outdoors at Fountain Creek nature center using a Starry Night Lewis Tula.

Katie K. and her daughter feed the giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's "Electric Safari."

Marie C. and her son pose festively in front of their Christmas tree. 

January Meetings

Happy New Year everyone! There is lots to look forward to in the month of January! We will start having multiple meetings throughout the month and throughout the area. Pick a meeting that works for your schedule, that's close to you, or come to them all! Hope to see you all at our upcoming meetings!

This Friday, January 3rd, from 10:30-12pm, we will meet at Cloth Diaper Market in Colorado Springs. Come and learn about different carriers from local babywearing guru, Galen Duffy. She will be covering everything from soft structured carriers, to stretchy wraps, woven wraps and ring slings. All who attend will receive 10% off carriers in store when purchased same day. If you're simply looking for help with a carrier you already own, come on down!

On Friday, January 10th, from 10-12pm, come to the East Library. This is a new location for our group meeting, and we will be discussing what's new for our group in 2014. We will also be trying out Robin's Hip Carry. 

On Saturday, January 18th, from 10-12pm, come to Cloth Diaper Market for an open house style meeting. Stop by to ask carrier questions and hang out with group leaders Marcia Stewart and Jillian Droppo. If you normally work during the week and haven't been able to make a previous weekday meeting, this is a great chance to meet other moms in our awesome group.