Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Meeting at Cloth Diaper Market

Our most recent meeting at Cloth Diaper Market in Colorado Springs was a hit! Lots of a mamas came by the open house to learn from one another, ask questions and have a great time with the little ones. The lending library was open for everyone to try different sizes of woven wraps or see how they might like a certain soft structured carrier. Thanks to all the ladies that made this Saturday meeting a success! Look for future Saturday meetings in case you're unable to make weekday meetings. 

Amanda J. wears her daughter in a Robbin's Hip Carry.

Sarah M. and her son are comfy in a woven wrap converted into a Mei Tai.

Katie K. tries a wrap from the lending library . 

Jenni S. wears her sleepy daughter in a back carry.

Dannielle H. chats with other moms while her son plays on her back. 

Dannielle H. helps another momma perfect her back carry.

The babies at the meeting had a great time together!

Nicole R. holds her comfy baby boy in a ring sling.

Some of the meeting attendees chatting about their favorite carriers. 

A sleepy baby as content as can be wrapped up on his mom!

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