Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Meeting

Thank you to all the ladies that joined us for our January meeting at the East Library. The kiddos got to play, moms got time to visit, and we practiced Robin's Hip Carry. See the video below if you'd like a second look or if you weren't able to make the meeting. The group will be having more frequent meetings throughout the month and at different locations around the area. If you weren't able to make this meeting at East Library, join us at the next meeting!

Group members ready their wraps to try Robin's Hip Carry.

Jenni S. wears her sweet sleepy newborn in a hip carry.

Stella K. and Natalie C. look on as group leader, Jillian, demonstrates a carry.

Molly R. and Amanda J. practice the carry of the month. 

Group leader, Jillian D., assists Xina P. with her hip carry.

One of our littlest members babywearing. :)

Erica N. tries out a mei tai from the lending library.

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