Monday, December 15, 2014

Where we Wore in November!

BWI Colorado Springs, here is where we wore in November!

Erin C. and her sidekick enjoy small business Saturday while downtown using her Girasol Catfish woven wrap. 

Gabriela M.'s husband snuggles their daughter in a Didymos Woven Wrap. 

Gabriela M. and her sleeping daughter using their woven wrap on Thanksgiving day. 

Patti S. and her sweet sleepy girl while strolling around IKEA on Black Friday. 

Sarah L.and her son enjoy a fun day at the zoo. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Where We Wore in September and October!

BWI Colorado Springs, here is where we wore in September and October!

Amy L. wears her baby for a stroll around Garden of the Gods. 
Alena S. wears her daughter in a back carry while at the pumpkin patch.

Gabriela M. wears her baby girl while at a meeting in September. 

Jayme P. wears her daughter in a ring sling while at the pumpkin patch.

Jayme P. and her daughter hiking together in September.

Jayme P.'s husband wears their daughter in their ring sling while at the coffin races. 

Sarah L. and her son picking apples in September while using a woven wrap.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cold Weather Babywearing

With winter quickly approaching, you might be curious about how to still wear baby but keep both of you nice and warm. As always, there are many options on the budget spectrum! It's important to remember that he/she will already be getting warmth from your body heat. So, keep a close watch to make sure he/she doesn't get overheated!

If you like to be crafty and make do-it-yourself projects, you can create your own no-sew fleece poncho or this cape cover!

Oversized coats or sweaters are great to zip up over you and baby. You can also wear a backwards hoodie zipped up over the both of you. Your baby has a built in hood this way if you're front wearing! Then you can wear your own coat/jacket on your back. 

A blanket can always be tucked into any carrier or wrap. This is great for quick trips in and out of places. 

If you're in the market for something made specifically for babywearing in the winter, Kowalli makes a winter cover that fits right over you and baby. Ergo has babywearing jackets, but it may be harder to get your hands on one since they stopped manufacturing them. Amautis require no baby carrier at all, as you just slide baby into the coat itself. These tend to be more pricey and tough to find, but are great if you want a solution outside of a carrier/jacket combination. Peekaru vests are also great options.

Wraps are fantastic for winter! Using multiple pass carries can give a cozy, blankety feel for both of you! Wool woven wraps are super warm and have a thick feel. 

Once you have your cold weather babywearing gear ready, these are great tips: 
-Footie pajamas or Babylegs will keep baby's legs warm while in the carrier. Pants can ride up once you get baby in a good seated position while in the carrier. If you are using footie pajamas, make sure they're a tad oversized so no extra pressure gets put on baby's feet. This could also encourage leg straightening. 
-Pre-tie your carrier for easy ins and outs!
-Make sure to keep special attention to baby's airway with extra layers of coat or blankets nearby. Baby's head should still be close enough to kiss and their chin should be off their chest. 
-Heat escapes from baby's head and feet first. So make sure to keep a hat on him/her! If you're back wearing, put the hat on baby before they go up on your back. 

Happy Babywearing! As always, feel free to visit and join our BWI Colorado Springs Facebook Group, and 'like' our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you or answer any questions your might have!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

International Babywearing Week Update

We appreciate everyone so much for coming out to our International Babywearing Week events. This was our first year as an official Babywearing International chapter to participate! We hope everyone had a great time at all of our events and playdates. This year we celebrated by having a trip to the zoo, a potluck at one of our member's houses, park playdates, an ice cream social at a local ice cream shop, a playdate at the mall play place, a babywearing ballet class, and a donut party to end our week's festivites!

Check out some of the pictures from International Babywearing Week!

Marie, Lauren, Nicole, and Tiffany cuddle their babies at the mall.
Katie K. and Lauren B's husband, Justin, feed giraffes at the zoo.

Some of our members at the zoo!

Our Chapter President, Marcia S., wears her sweet son while at the zoo.

Natalie C. and her daughter enjoy the zoo!

This sweet little boy is enjoying his mommy's cuddles. 

Two of our VBE's Marcia S. and Natalie C. at the zoo!

Our out-of-town visiting BWI member and VBE Lacy C. joined us for a potluck!

End of the Week DONUT party! Thanks to everyone who attended!

If you missed IBW events this year, do not fear! This is an annual event. We would love for you to join us for our monthly meetings in the meantime. Join our Facebook group and 'like' our Facebook page. BWI Colorado Springs would love to meet you!

Friday, September 26, 2014

International Babywearing Week 2014: Share the Adventure!

BWI Colorado Springs!

This year is our first International Babywearing Week as an official chapter! See our events timeline below for the week of October 5-11th, 2014. It's not too far away and we can't wait to see you all at these exciting events planned just for you by your BWI Staff.

Everyday on our Facebook pages, we will have a different theme to celebrate! And for every actual event you attend you will receive a raffle ticket to enter for some AMAZING prizes! Mark your calendar for as many events as you can to up your chances for things like a gorgeous Ring sling, a BWI membership, and more! If you're not already a BWI member, what a better time than now to join! If you join by International Babywearing Week, you and other existing members will receive TWO raffle tickets for every event you attend, instead of one!

Shout it Out Sunday, October 5th- Join us for a kick-off day at the zoo! Starting at 10am. Meet at the front gate to spend the day with your fellow babywearers! Click here to RSVP!

Momentum Monday, October 6th- Join us for food and fun at a BWI member's house from 10am-12pm. Food and drinks provided. Contact a BWI VBE or group admin for location information. Click here to RSVP! 

Also, join us on Facebook Monday evening for a fun virtual scavenger hunt! Watch the Page for details. 

Teach Me Tuesday, October 7th- Do you have a question for one of our VBE's? For just $10, you can get 20 minutes of personal one-on-one instruction to help get your carrier fitting just right. Please follow this link to RSVP and fill out a registration form. All proceeds benefit your chapter!

Tuesday evening, join us on Facebook for a Do-It-Yourself Babywearing Poncho Session. No-sew fleece and an Intermediate level sewing options will be available. Post your pics online as you create your very own poncho for the upcoming colder season! 

Work-out Wednesday, October 8th- Join us for a Babywearing dance class! Taught by our very own Galen D. from 9:30-10:30am. Click here to RSVP and make sure you are able to attend due to limited space. 

America the Beautiful Park Playdate, also wednesday, at 3pm. Come wear those babies! RSVP here!

Throwback Thursday, October 9th- Two events planned for this day! The first is a playdate at Judge Lunt Park at 9am! And then that afternoon we have an Ice Cream Social from 2:30-3:30. We will all grab some ice cream at Josh and John's and take some time to chat! See both events here and RSVP: IBW Park Playdate and IBW Ice Cream Social

Flexible Friday, October 10th- Come walk with us! Our Babywearing Walk will be at Bear Creek Park at 10am. For a map, details, and to RSVP click here!

Share your City Saturday, October 11th- Come to our "Donut party!!" See you at the Fountain Library for coffee and donuts! We will be raffling off all of our week's prizes. Join us from 9:30-11am. Click here to RSVP if you are coming. We want to make sure we have plenty of treats for everyone!

Don't forget to like our Facebook page and join our Facebook group! All events are listed in the events tabs. Find the next BWI meeting near you! We look forward to knowing you better!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Carriers: Safety first!

If you're thinking of making your own carrier or just shopping for one, this guest post has some great tips and information for safety! 

By: Alena Sutherland

When making or shopping for a carrier, fiber content is a good place to start. I love natural fibers. 100% cotton, 100% linen or a cotton/linen blend is my kind of jam. But not all cotton is created equal. Bottom-weight is what you want. 

What does bottom-weight mean? It means a fabric you would make pants or a skirt out of. So all those lovely, pretty patterns on quilter's cotton are out, very sorry. Don't worry, they can make a great accent panel on a mei-tai or pocket on a ring sling tail.

So, what are safe fabrics? Osnaburg is a popular choice for DIY carriers. Natural in color, it takes to dye easily. It can be found at most Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby locations, and sometimes JoAnn's. Bottom-weight linen is also a good choice. My friend recommends for linen. She says product number IL019 is good for wraps or ring slings and product number 4C22 works well for soft-structured carriers
and mei-tai panels. 

What about tablecloths? I hear about them online a lot...Yes, I love a great tablecloth as much as the next crazy DIY babywearer. 100% cotton is my preferred fiber content. Mahogany Brand on and Threshold brand from Target are a couple great 
brands to try. I love to hunt thrift stores like the Arc for tablecloths too, but have a good feel for fabric weight before you try this if you're new to babywearing DIY. 

How about curtains? If they feel like one of the tablecloths I mentioned above, go for it. Otherwise, take a pass. 

What about bedsheets? Only for emergencies, I say. And then, only doubled. They are too thin and not sturdy enough to hold a seam. 

If wrapping isn't your style, you'll need additional supplies to create the carrier of your dreams. 

What are safe rings for ring slings? I order from They are saftey and weight tested and approved for babywearing. Multiple pretty colors to choose from and they ship quickly. If you're in a pinch, you can use rings purchased from a feed and tack store. Look for something that is at least 3/8” thick and has smooth welds. Craft rings which are 1/8” thick from JoAnn's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc., are NOT SAFE. Please, plan the extra 3 or 4 days for shipping and buy from 

Where to buy safe buckles/webbing for a soft structured carrier? is the place to go for these items. I've never made a soft-structured carrier, so I have no personal experience with them. 

Thread? I like Gutermann thread. Other name-brand poly-coated threads should be just fine as well. 

Now, with your supplies in hand, what would you like to make?

A wrap is the simplest to make. First, pre-wash your fabric. Then, simply cut to width and length, add tapers if they thrill you, and hem. Most wraps are 28”-30” wide. If you want tapers, be sure to cut them like a parallelogram, not a trapezoid. If you've forgotten your geometry, don't worry, here is a visual: 

You want the green parallelogram, not the red trapezoid. This way, you have the same length along both the top and bottom rails. How long would you like your wrap? This handy table from is my favorite quick reference. I've added a column of “Length in yards” which I rounded to an easy-to-measure number so you know how much fabric to buy at the store. Keep in mind most fabrics shrink in the wash, so buy a little extra.

Size       Length in meters        Length in feet       Length in inches        Length in Yards

2            2.7                            8.86                     102.36                       3

3            3.1                           10.17                    122.05                        3.5

4            3.6                           11.81                    141.73                        4

5            4.2                           13.78                    165                             4.5

6            4.6                           15.09                    181.10                         5

7            5.2                           17.06                     204.72                        5.75

8            5.6                           18.37                    220.47                         6

Ring Sling
A ring sling sews up fairly quickly and easily. Your fabric should be about around 30” wide. Lengths vary from 62” to 95” finished. Finished means you need to add a few extra inches for your shoulder sewing. You pick a shoulder style: gathered, pleated, eesti(for personal use only, this shoulder style is licensed property to Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions). Be sure to have a minimum of 3 rows of stitching. Please visit and for some of the best information on the web for DIY ring slings. 

Asian-Style Carriers
Rather than re-inventing the wheel, I shall direct you to a fabulous blog for the nitty-gritty how-to-sew instructions. Please, when sewing these carriers use quality thread, attach straps to a sturdy inner layer of fabric, and reinforce attachment points with x-boxes, as shown below.  


And if you'd like a mei-tai and a ring sling from one tablecloth:

Onbuhimo (or Onbu)

Podaegi (or Pod)

Remember, all of these DIY safety qualities should hold true when you're shopping on Etsy, Facebook swap groups, or elsewhere online. If you're ever unsure of the characteristics of a DIY carrier being sold online, go with your gut! The safety of your little one depends on it. Always compare prices to other retail sources. Sometimes, if the price is too good to be true, it is. And of course, you can always ask a VBE on the BWI Colorado Springs page for advice or a second opinion. Happy and safe babywearing!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ways to get baby on your back

If you've been wearing your baby for awhile, you might find yourself getting curious about wearing baby on your back. Having two hands free with baby behind you can be invaluable. But we have to put the safety of our kiddos first and foremost. (If you're new to back carrying, please use the help of a spotter or practice over a couch or bed.) 

Here are some great videos to demonstrate how you get a baby on your back depending on your carrier type. 

Soft Structured Carriers are great options for back carrying. The waist belt can offer a lot of back support, and padded straps can make for a comfy wearing experience. Once you have the waist strap secured around your waist, you can use a "hip scoot" or a "superman toss" to get baby into the carrier on your back. Watch this video to see how it's done.

Woven Wraps are incredibly useful and versatile when back carrying. With some practice, you can get baby high and snug on your back. This can alleviate a lot of the discomfort that comes from having them too low or far from your body in other carriers. There are numerous back carries you can use with a woven wrap. A Mei Tai  is a lot like a SSC (soft structured carrier), but has the great comfort qualities of a woven wrap. For both a woven wrap and a mei tai, you can use a "hip scoot," "santa toss," or a "superman toss." The video below gives a great rundown of these methods. 

Again, remember to use a spotter or practice over a bed if you're new to back wearing. If you still have some questions, ask a Volunteer Babywearing Educator on our BWI Facebook page, or come to our next BWI Colorado Springs meeting! We look forward to seeing you there to answer your questions and get to know you better!

Where We Wore in August

Hey BWI Colorado Springs! This is "Where We Wore" in August! 

Amanda J.'s husband wears their daughter in a Standard Rainbow Gems Tula at the Balloon Glow!

Amanda J. and her little girl enjoy the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic at Memorial Park.

Erin C. snuggles her daughter at the airport one last time before her nine week long military training. 

Jennifer P. and her little boy enjoy the view at Memorial Park while wearing a Didymos Petrol Hemp Indio.

Jennifer P. and her kiddos watch the Balloons at the Balloon Classic. 

Lyz B. and her kids enjoy the start of the Balloon Glow.

Sarah L. and her sleepy little boy on top of Pikes Peak while using a Tekhni woven wrap. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Where We Wore in July

Here's where we wore in July!

Katie K. wears and sits on a turtle replica while visiting an aquarium in Iowa. 

Lyz B. and her sweet boys while visiting the Emerald Coast in Northwest Florida.

Sarah L. and her kiddos have a fun day at the zoo.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Budget Conscious Babywearing

Budget Conscious Babywearing
Guest Blog Post By: Erin Carpenter

As a newcomer to the babywearing world, the sticker shock of various woven wraps 
and carriers can leave you wondering if this is even feasible for your family, or if 
this is a practice for the wealthy and privileged. I was a first time mom without the 
financial means or support at home to afford what I thought was the “necessary” 
carrier, an Ergo. Unaware and uneducated about my options, I fell prey to the allure 
of a counterfeit carrier, with its lower price point. You don’t have to make the same 
mistake as I did, and you don’t have to sacrifice safety in order to wear your baby.

Donated Carriers
There are several specialty non-profit organizations that will donate a carrier to 
you, based upon family circumstances.

The Carrying On Project – Carriers for military families, who cannot otherwise 
afford a carrier.
Ruckabye Baby – Carriers for wounded warriors or Gold Star families with a child 
under the age of two.
3.21 Carry – Carriers for families whose child/children have Down syndrome or 
other disabilities.
Lift Me Up Babywearing – Carriers for families whose child/children have 
developmental disabilities, and who don’t otherwise own a carrier.

DIY Carriers
Handy with a sewing machine, or have someone available to help you? Our own 
VBE Natalie has made a number of her own carriers, with patterns and materials 
that are readily available. There are DIY forums on, with tons 
of online patterns and instructions to help you make anything from a tablecloth ring 
sling, an Asian baby carrier (mei tai, podaegi, onbuhimo, etc.), even a soft structured 
carrier! Osnaburg is a popular fabric used for DIY wraps, running as low as $3.89/
yd online and it can be dyed for a personalized touch.

Low Cost Carriers 
Little did I know when I first started out, there are safe and time-tested carriers 
out there that are low cost! The Infantino Sash Mei Tai can be purchased for less 
than $25 at your local big box store. There is a "Babywearing on a Budget" group on 
Facebook where users can buy, sell, and trade carriers under $100 – you might even be in 
the right place at the right time and score a much pricier carrier for a steal! Local 
resale groups and Craigslist are also good options for looking for a budget carrier. 

I regularly see stretchy wraps for sale. Use caution when purchasing a carrier 
through the last though, as counterfeit items will show up. When in doubt, get a 
second opinion from a VBE or an experienced babywearer. Have a non-ergonomic, 
narrow based carrier? There is a scarf trick to make the seat more comfortable for you and babyYou can use a scarf to make a wider seat for them! 

Lending Library
Not sure about what carrier you’d like to use with your baby, and cautious about 
how you’re spending that limited budget? Consider membership into our BWI 
group! For the cost of $30 a year, you’ll have the ability to check out one carrier a 
month from our Lending Library! You’ll have access to wraps of various sizes, ring 
slings, mei tais, soft structured carriers, as well as pouch slings, that can grow with 
you and your baby. It’s a great option to explore what works best for you and your 
family, while still being mindful of your dollars.

Babywearing is not a privilege for some, it’s a benefit for all, and can be done on any 
budget! It’s not the carrier that matters, it’s the carrying that counts. Let BWICOS 
help you wear your baby, whether your budget is $20 or $200!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Meeting at East Library

It was so good to see so many new faces at East Library for our July Meeting! Thanks to all who attended. 

We talked a lot about hot weather babywearing and steps you can take to make sure you and baby stay cool. Using carriers that only have one layer like Ringslings or Soft Structured Carriers are really helpful. And if you're using your woven wrap, using carries with single layer passes ensure that baby will be cooler. 

We also discussed cooling towels that you can buy to place between you and baby to help regulate both your body temperatures while wearing. 'Frog Toggs' is a great brand of cooling towel for not a lot of cost. 

Also demonstrated at this meeting was a Torso Carry (also called a Kanga Carry) using a beach towel. If you're at the pool with the kids and you forget your carrier, never fear! You can turn your beach towel into a quick carrier with a few steps. If you've never attempted a back carry, make sure you are comfortable wearing your baby first. Then practice back carrying over a soft surface (like a couch or bed, etc.) and use another person to help spot, if you can. Baby should also be able to sit unassisted while using a back carry. 

If you joined Babywearing International at this meeting, welcome and thank you! Your annual dues of $30 help us expand our library, train our Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs) and help us print materials to get the word out for babywearing! If you haven't yet joined, join here today! $30 also allows you to checkout one carrier from our lending library every month for the year that you've paid dues. A great deal if you're in the market for a new carrier but aren't ready to commit before trying one. BWI membership is also a great gift to someone you know that might be expecting!

Here's some great action shots from the meeting:

Our lending library!

Erin C. tries out a Mei Tai from the lending library.

One of our VBE's, Natalie C. assists an attendee with a back carry.

This sweet little girl is happily wrapped on her mama. 

Erin C. shows off one of her famous sling ring carries!

This cute little guy is comfy in a beach towel torso carry, as demonstrated at our meeting. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting, taking place at Cloth Diaper Market on Saturday, July 19th, at 10am. See you all there!

Where we Wore in June

BWI, Colorado Springs! Here's Where We Wore in June!

Lauren B.'s husband wears their son in an Ergo Sport while at the Denver Aquarium.

Amanda J. and her sweet little girl while at MommyCon in a Beco Soleil.

Amanda J. enjoying MommyCon to the fullest while using her Beco Butterfly II.

Erin C. shows off one of her carries from her 30 day Sling Ring Challenge while at MommyCon!

Nicole R. snuggles her sleepy little guy while using her gorgeous ringsling. 

Nicole R. holds her sleepy toddler close in a woven wrap. 

Sarah L. and her baby boy enjoy the Iris Garden demonstrations at East Library.