Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ways to get baby on your back

If you've been wearing your baby for awhile, you might find yourself getting curious about wearing baby on your back. Having two hands free with baby behind you can be invaluable. But we have to put the safety of our kiddos first and foremost. (If you're new to back carrying, please use the help of a spotter or practice over a couch or bed.) 

Here are some great videos to demonstrate how you get a baby on your back depending on your carrier type. 

Soft Structured Carriers are great options for back carrying. The waist belt can offer a lot of back support, and padded straps can make for a comfy wearing experience. Once you have the waist strap secured around your waist, you can use a "hip scoot" or a "superman toss" to get baby into the carrier on your back. Watch this video to see how it's done.

Woven Wraps are incredibly useful and versatile when back carrying. With some practice, you can get baby high and snug on your back. This can alleviate a lot of the discomfort that comes from having them too low or far from your body in other carriers. There are numerous back carries you can use with a woven wrap. A Mei Tai  is a lot like a SSC (soft structured carrier), but has the great comfort qualities of a woven wrap. For both a woven wrap and a mei tai, you can use a "hip scoot," "santa toss," or a "superman toss." The video below gives a great rundown of these methods. 

Again, remember to use a spotter or practice over a bed if you're new to back wearing. If you still have some questions, ask a Volunteer Babywearing Educator on our BWI Facebook page, or come to our next BWI Colorado Springs meeting! We look forward to seeing you there to answer your questions and get to know you better!

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