Monday, October 28, 2013

Babywearing Men of Colorado Springs!

Nicole R.'s husband Kris wears their son in a WAHM ring sling in between playing darts.

"Well, I only have two hands."  --Maureen S.'s husband  (He made the mei tai himself!)

"I just like [babywearing] because of being able to use two hands.  Also, when the kid falls asleep in it, it's awesome.  You can't beat snuggling with your kid while getting stuff done."  --Amanda J.'s husband Jake

Marie C.'s husband mini-golfs while wearing their son.

Jillian D.'s husband wears their youngest while shopping for electronics.  

Sarah M.'s husband Aaron wears their son while shopping.  

"He loves to wear him out on family trips.  I think he secretly likes the doe-eyed looks from other women."  -- Carey V., about her husband
Stella K.'s husband Stan wears their daughter while out and about.

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