Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Library Donation From Group Member Megan H.

Megan's son shows off the ice dyed fabric.
Our lending library recently grew by four!  Group member Megan H. donated one ring sling and three linen wraps (in sizes three, four and five) that she dyed using a technique known as “ice dyeing.”    

What made you decide to donate these wraps to the lending library?

I am extremely aware of the benefits babywearing offers. I also remember the many hours spent researching what the options were and balking at the cost. When I first started, we lived in an area where few wore at the time. Because of that, and the fact we live in an area with an amazing and helpful group, I wanted to help how I could because I feel it's an important gift to mothers and babies alike.

Why did you decide to try your hand at ice dyeing?  Can you tell me about the process?
"Dyed linen with the remaining unmelted ice.
The rest has turned into water and run through
the fabric and is resting below in the open space."

I was going through a dyeing phase. I am not interested in grad dyeing, solids, etc, and especially do not wish to start a business, but it was middle of winter and so cold, so ice and snow were abundant so it seemed to be easy, and to be a fun project to tackle. The ice melting does the design work so it's just scrunching the fabric, adding the ice, and sprinkling the dye... Then lots of waiting.

What was the approximate cost of materials

The linen was around $70 for 7 yards including shipping. The dyes were three different colors and around $4 a packet from Joann's.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to ice dye something?

Read, and just do it.  It was a lot of fun and super easy, aside from the waiting for the ice to melt in the dead of winter.

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