Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/4 Monthly Meeting

The Carry of the Month this week was the Half-Jordan's Back Carry as demonstrated by Galen Duffy.  Those who missed the meeting or need a refresher can check out this awesome YouTube video made by Galen herself:

Our discussion this month was on exploring how to fundraise or come up with money in order to buy more carriers for our lending library!  One possibility is to charge a ca little big of money to rent a carrier.  We're still brainstorming, so anyone who has some creative ideas should post them on our facebook!

Here are a few photos from the meeting:  
Stella K. follows along as Galen teaches the Carry of the Month.
She is using a Didymos Aqua Pfau wrap.

Amanda B. also practices the Carry of the Month with a Girasol Micah's Rainbow.

Galen D. spots Sarah M. as she learns to Double Hammock in a KoKaDi Elephant wrap.

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