Thursday, April 3, 2014

Where we wore in March

Here's where we wore in March!

Ashley T. wears her little one close while traveling to Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Jillian D. uses a Tree of Life Mei Tai while in a Gondola with her family in Breckenridge.

Natalie C. wears her baby while at the zoo with her kiddos.

Sarah L. visits the zoo's elephants while wearing her sleepy baby in a woven wrap.

Natalie C., Katie K. and Lauren B. visit the zoo while wearing their babies.

Jessa Z. and her boys in downtown San Diego, CA. 

Jessa Z. wears her toddler while at Scripps Aquarium in San Diego, CA.

Jessa Z. and her two boys smile for the camera while shopping in Orange County, CA. 

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