Monday, August 5, 2013

Where We Wore in July

Mindy N. treks across the Great Sand Dunes National Park with her toddler in a Boba.

Kristen M. is wearing her baby in a Kinderpack at the Colorado National Monument.

Jennifer P. wears her baby boy in a KoKaDi Glamour Stars wrap in Manitou Springs after perfecting the July Carry of the Month, DRS2S.

Rechelle B.'s husband drags two suitcases (and carseats) while wearing their child on his back in a Tula.

Erica N. and her friend Frauke wear their two year olds on a prayer walk in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. Erica (left) is using a Kinderpack while Frauke is sporting a Manduca.

Maureen S. checks on her pregnant cow while wearing her baby in a DIY Osnaburg wrap.

Stella S.'s husband Bill wears their older daughter in a mei tai, while holding their youngest.

Galen D. tandems wears while getting ready to enter the airport.  Her two-year-old daughter is on her front in a Kanga XT and her son is on her back in a Blue and White Pfau Didymos.  

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