Monday, August 26, 2013

Member Profile: Sarah Ann Moxley

Sarah and her son go shopping at Ikea in the buckle carrier
she made.
Local member Sarah Ann Moxley has been using her crafty skills to make a variety of different carriers for herself.   She first learned of babywearing through the instagram of a babywearing group in North Carolina and before the birth of her son already had several carriers waiting for him, including a ring sling she had sewed.

"I love that my son is always close to me," she said.  "If he's cranky and I wrap him, he feels safe and 98% of the time, he calms down."

Sarah's interest in making carriers continued to grow when she encountered one online that she didn't think she could get her hands on.

"Honestly, the reason I got into making my own carriers is because I fell in love with a Tula carrier I knew I wasn't going to be able to buy outright," she said.  "So I got to thinking I could probably make one of those!"

Since making her intial soft structure carrier (no easy feat!), she has gone on to make mei tais and a red Marvel comic print Onbuhimo, the latter of which was admired by many at the last babywearing meeting.  Sarah is also working on perfecting her wrap dyeing skills by practicing on linen fabric. 

"I love dyeing," she said.  "I'm pretty experienced at tie dye and am now working on my cold dyeing skills.  I've only ever dyed 100% linen....I am so scared to dye a wrap.  I am always browsing the swap for a cheap stained or ruined wrap to start out with."

She also has a few key pieces of advice for those who may also be looking into sewing carriers for themselves:  

"Safety is key.  Double stitch, and in most instances, triple stitch.  Do not skimp on materials.  Yes, the correct materials like canvas can run 15 dollars a yard, but the carrier is going to be holding your baby.  It has to be sturdy.  Please do your research before you just dive in." 

She recommended a mei tai as the perfect first carrier to try making and prefers this tutorial:

Sarah considers herself a huge babywearing advocate and enjoys sharing her knowledge about babywearing.

"When I am out, people are always starting at us, but in a curious way, always asking about different carriers and wraps I wear," she said.  "I am happy to tell them all about it...I love seeing my friends buy their first carriers and then get hooked."

The next project Sarah has in mind is a wrap conversion full buckle made from Girasol Symphuo.    

**This post was written by Paula R.

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