Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Meeting

Lauren B. has stepped up as a contributor for our group blog.  We look forward to more of her posts!  She sums up the meeting below.   

November was another successful meeting with plenty of new faces in attendance!  It's so great to see people coming to learn how to make babywearing work for them! This month's carry is the Double Hammock back carry, typically used with a size 5, 6, or 7 woven wrap. Jillian D. demonstrated and a few experienced wrappers helped other members practice with their little ones.  If you were unable to make the meeting (or if you're just looking to get some more practice), check out the video below:

Some members also brought along a few ideas for wearing baby while in the winter weather. Babywearing jackets, fleece ponchos, or even just an oversized coat already in your closet will do the trick! These items can simply be worn over you and baby while using your favorite carrier.

(Photos taken by Nicole R.)

Galen D. and her son try out the new Moby GO.

Isabel T. hoists her baby on up to demonstrate a Double Hammock.
Alena S. and Sarah M. practice a more advanced back carry with their rings slings.
Gretchen M.'s newborn snoozes in a wrap conversion ring sling.
Jennifer P.'s  baby boy shows off his adorableness while in a Tula.  
Isabel T. demonstrates how to wear her no-sew babywearing poncho.
Galen D. shows off her thrift store find: a $9 coat (with a large neckline) that fits over her and her baby and is perfect for winter babywearing!

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