Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6/5 Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meeting was held today!  With Elizabeth C. moving away, meetings will no longer be held at Casa Verde.  We thank her for hosting us for this long.  :)  Future meetings will likely be at local parks if the weather continues to stay nice.

This meeting's topic was "Carrier Safety."  We talked about the "Cradle Carry" and while it is a valid carry, carries that hold the baby upright with their faces visible and kissable are the better option, as you can be more aware of the baby's airway.  (Vigilance about a baby's breathing while babywearing is important.)  We discussed forward-facing babies (wearing babies with their backs against our chests, facing out), and how there are also options such as hip and high back carries. These carries allow babies to get a good view and tend to more ergonomic for both the parent and the baby.  We also talked about narrow-based carriers.  These carriers are not considered unsafe. While there are more comfortable or ideal options out there, it is still safe for parents to wear babies in these kinds of carriers.

June Meeting Group Photo
Courtney K. tries out a wrap woven by group leader Marcia S.
(Photo provided by Courtney K.)
Rechelle B. checks her baby's seat. She is using an Ellevill Tri-green woven wrap.
Gretchen M.'s daughter rocks a torso carry.

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