Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BWI of Colorado Springs!

We're thrilled to announce that our local group is now an official chapter of Babywearing International, Inc. This means great things for the future and support of our group, our lending library, and our mission to promote babywearing within our community!

We encourage everyone that is able to attend meetings regularly and join as a member of BWI of Colorado Springs. The annual dues amount is $30, and you have complete access to our lending library with the option of renting out one carrier each month for the year. These paid dues will help our group expand our lending library! Please consider joining us as a member and be a part of this amazing organization. If you are unable to join as a dues paid member, meetings are still free to attend and the lending library is still available to try out during meetings.

If you haven't yet filled out a photography release, please do so by following the link so that we can continue to use your awesome action shots of you wearing those babies! If you are not comfortable having your picture taken at meetings and used for our purposes, please check the box necessary within the release.

This is a really exciting time for our group! If you have any questions about this news or how you can be a part of things, please see our Facebook page at BWI of Colorado Springs. Thanks everyone!

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