Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet Our Leaders: Jillian Droppo, Kristen Miles and Marcia Stewart

Earlier this month, we voted for these three members to become our new group leaders. And here are their bios!  :) 

Marcia Stewart

I started my interest in babywearing when my cousin registered for a pouch sling when she was pregnant in 2008. I thought it looked like something I could sew, so I started researching and came across Jan Andrea's site (sleeping baby productions). In her DiY section, she linked to I joined, and was instantly drawn to babywearing. Before I even was pregnant with my first son (who is now three), I already had a selection of baby carriers. Woven wraps were my favorite from the beginning. I love that the fabric is endlessly versatile: blanket, fort, scarf, washcloth, and baby carrier all in one. I love fibers of all kinds, and the beauty of wraps really draws me in. My first son was very colicky and wrapping saved me. I could wrap him and he would sleep for much longer than if he was in a crib, and I could still get things done, with my hands free! We went on lots of long walks in our wraps, went shopping, and even toured the Statue of Liberty. Now I am wrapping my second son and am so glad I knew about babywearing before I began motherhood. I love sharing the joys of babywearing with my friends!

Jillian Droppo

We have lived in Colorado Springs for 4 years. My husband is in the army. We have 2 beautiful daughters Heidi, 5 years, and Hayden, 14 months. We are hoping to add one more to our family in the near future. I love Colorado and being outdoors, hiking, running, playing at the park...

I started babywearing when my youngest was born. I now wonder how I made it through my oldest's infant and toddler years without it. My first carrier was a Beco Gemini followed by a Moby. I now love woven wraps of all types, WCRS and my KP.

In addition to my love of collecting baby carriers, I also have a love of collecting cloth diapers. Some people just simply use cloth because it is greener, cheaper... I began using cloth for those reasons but now just can't seem to stop buying them. They are just so cute!

This group is full of such amazing women and children. I love that I have found a local group of families that share common interests. I am looking forward to being a leader of this group, getting to know everyone a little bit better & spreading the babywearing love.

Edit:  As of September 2013, Kristen has stepped down as a leader.  

Kristen Miles

My kids are Caleb, age 8, Emery, age 6 and Catherine, 1. We started babywearing almost 9 years ago with a Baby Bjorn - don't judge! We didn't know! We loved it for the same reasons that people love great carriers and babywearing in general, though - I was hands free and my high-needs son was having his needs met. Win win! Too bad it was painful if you wore it for too long. 

When my daughter was born, I had found a WAHM that made these great hemp pouches and she was worn from 2 days old in it! She was tiny for her age, so we could use the pouch for a very long time, and then the Bjorn, too. When she was a toddler we got an Ergo, but I didn't have anyone who could show me back carries, so it didn't get a ton of love. I really didn't know moms who wore their babies then - so it is great for me to have this group! 

Fast forward some years, and our littlest has also been worn from day 1, but I know more about better carriers! We used a Moby (I actually hated it, but I know most people love theirs!) before we graduated to a Babyhawk mei tai. Our carrier getting the most love this go-round is the Scootababy! Works so well for my in-and-out-up-and-down girl! With two school age kids and all of their activities, we are on the go constantly, and babywearing has been a life saver. So many places that I literally couldn't have taken a stroller. I see moms struggling with theirs in tight places and just want to spread the babywearing love to everyone!! At home I wear her on my back in the Ergo (or for longer all-day outings), but the hip carry in the Scootababy works best for us on errands and activities. We try to practice a lot of elements of attachment parenting so babywearing fits well in our lives, but I just like to encourage all parents to look into a good quality carrier - it really can improve your life with baby in so many ways!

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