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Meet Local Babywearer Raina

Business owner Raina Seabaugh knows all about juggling motherhood with being a busy working mom. She and her husband own Little Monkey Bizness (a Denver-based franchise) here in Colorado Springs. They had always talked about owning a business, but it wasn't until after having their two children that they decided that it needed to be one that was child-centered.

“We looked at multiple franchises but couldn’t see ourselves working there on a daily basis, or having it be a place that our kids would enjoy coming,” Raina says. “Our very active son is five years old and he prompted us to look at opening a place where he could get out his energy, especially in the winter.”

A friend introduced them to Little Monkey Bizness, which seemed to fit the bill.

"We felt Colorado Springs needed an indoor play area that was safe, clean, and open for anyone to come in seven days a week," she says.

Despite working six days a week, owning a business where children can play has its perks. Raina can bring her own children there with her, including her two-year-old Mackenzie.

She occasionally wears her daughter in her ErgoBaby Carrier while she works. As a toddler, Mackenzie doesn't need to be worn much as a young infant; however, Raina thinks it is wonderful to have the option of being able to wear her if needed.

"Owning a business has definitely been an adjustment and I think it is important to assure my kids that I am still here for them," Raina says. "I feel that wearing Mackenzie helps in those times when I still have lots to accomplish at the business but she needs me to pay attention to her. She can say hi to people and talk to me about other things and I can still do my job."

She first discovered babywearing with her older son, who she carried in a Baby Bjorn. Mackenzie, however, wasn't as fond of that particular carrier, so they turned to the Sleepy Wrap (now known as the Boba Wrap), which Raina fell in love with. Her daughter was six weeks old when a new swim season started and babywearing helped Raina succeed in her role as a swim “coach on deck,” while continuing to fulfilling her role of a mother physically with her daughter close to her in their wrap.

For more information on Raina's business, Little Monkey Bizness, check out their facebook page at

Q&A with Raina

What carrier do you use and what do you like about it?

I currently am using an ErgoBaby Carrier. I like it because Mackenzie can be on my back and I am still able to work at Monkey Bizness. I can work the register, make coffee, clean the art room, and interact with customers easily. She’s also very comfortable and can fall asleep there if she is tired. I struggle with working-mom guilt and I love the ability to have Mackenzie close to me more often.

What benefits have you personally found in babywearing? How does babywearing help out in your home life? Does your husband babywear as well?

I think having my children close to me is the best thing about babywearing. It is the easiest way to calm an upset child and help me feel close to them even when I have to multi-task. Being a mom isn’t easy! We have to make so many things happen at once, but don’t want our kids to suffer because of all the other things going on in life. I like the conversations I can have with my daughter when I am wearing her. I think she benefits from seeing first-hand a lot of what I am doing, and I believe her speech is better because I can introduce her to more things around us. My husband did wear our older child more than our younger one and he loved it as well. I have passed on our Baby Bjorn to my brother, who just had his first child, and he loves having his daughter close to him as much as possible.

Have you gotten any comments about "wearing" your child from customers?

Customers have commented that it is nice that my kids can be at work with me, and I agree. It’s a huge benefit to owning our own business.

Would you recommend babywearing/toddlerwearing to other parents?

I really would! I think close, physical touch is so important with your children, for both the kids and the parents! As a new mom, wearing my first child made me feel less trapped, like I could get other things done and wasn’t bound to my house. It helped me get out and meet other moms, it was a conversation starter, and it calmed my baby whenever he was fussy.

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**This post was written by Paula R.

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